Breaking news… thrilled to share my inclusion on this amazing list of the top photographers in the wedding industry according to Harper’s Bazaar. Thank you Carrie Goldberg for featuring me! There are so many names here that have been an inspiration over the years. Also wanted to share that my clients, Rebecca Gillette and Darryl Sellers, were chosen to accompany my listing in the post. I met Rebecca through dear friends here in Minneapolis. I so clearly remember meeting her for the first time in my apartment in Uptown. They decided in lieu of rice that their guests should throw birdseed as they exited the church. This shot captured that moment and was later featured as a two page spread in BRIDES magazine. It was kind of a mess and I think they were picking the seeds out of their hair and clothes for quite awhile! Rebecca and Darryl moved all over the country before settling back in Minneapolis. Every year I’m excited to see them post their anniversary and know that I was a part of their big day.

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Here is the text of my interview with BAZAAR.

The Look: Describe your signature aesthetic, and what differentiates you in the market.

I’m deeply inspired by motion so I’m always looking to capture genuine moments as they naturally unfold. My favorite photographs are full of life. 

The Approach: Describe your process, your team, and how you hope to make your clients feel in the planning process, and on the day.

It’s really important to me that the process of documenting the day feel effortless to the bride and groom. I scout locations and master the schedule so that I feel completely prepared. Then on the wedding day, I cultivate an atmosphere that allows my clients to relax and be themselves.

Expert Advice: Give BAZAAR Brides a piece of advice, be it a trade secret or something you wish all brides kept in mind.

You will spend almost every moment of your wedding day in the vicinity of your photographer so make sure you are a good fit on a personal level. Relatedly I also recommend doing an engagement session to deepen your rapport with your photographer, which will benefit your wedding day pictures. 


Harper’s BAZAAR Best Wedding Photographers of the World

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